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Wood Grenade Log Splitter

The wood grenade log splitter is a great piece of ecommerce hardware for splitting logs into small pieces. It is large and smooth with an easy-to-use handle, making it a popular choice for wood disposition professionals.

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Maul Grenade
4 Way Hammer Stump Splitting Grenade Bomb Tool

Axe Wedge Maul Wood Log

By Unbranded


Grenade Sil209

Log Bomb / Wood Splitting

By AB Tools


Grenade 3 3/4 Lbs., 7” Log Splitter, Axe Splitting Wedge

Vintage Wood Splitter Grenade 3

By Wood Grenade


- 1111187w

Wilkinson Sword Grenade Log Wood

By Wilkinson Sword


Log Splitter Grenade

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Top 10 Wood Grenade Log Splitter

This wood grenade log splitter is a great addition to your vintage oregon logging community. It's easy to use and can be used to clear away the old logs from the forest, and it's an excellent way to avoid sucking up water and emissions from your logging machine. this powerful log splitter is perfect for splitting logs into small pieces. The splitting handle is also an excellent feature for axe sharpening or for use as a makeshift bomb. The heavy duty wedge splitting steel bomb maul offers maximum damage and stability. The axe head also features a deep travel for making large clean upnts. the wood grenade log splitter is a unique log splitter that uses new diamond splitting wedge wood grenade log splitter to combine two existing logs with the goal of splitting the wood into smaller pieces. Therugged feeling of the tool means that this log splitter isn't designed to be used quickly or easily. This is mated with a hard-shell case for protection. this is a great add on to your wood grenade set up. It can be used to split logs into small pieces. The log grenade log split splitter splitting wood grenade is perfect for this purpose. It is also a great addition to your axe burner.